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Friday, February 25, 2011

Kitchen Tip Quickies

  • Whole tomatoes can be washed and frozen in containers or plastic bags. When you are ready to use simply thaw and the skin will slip right off and they are ready to be used in cooking.
  • When you get a good price on lemons, make big batches of fresh lemon juice at once. Freeze in measured 1/4 cup amounts so you can just take out the freezer bag or container to thaw when a recipe calls for lemon juice. You can also pour juice in muffin tins, freeze, then take them out and freeze in freezer bags. Make sure to freeze in measured amounts.
  • Next time you make meatballs, try this tip: roll meat mixture into a log then slice off even sized meatballs. Time saver!
  • Perfect tiny meatballs tip: Use a melon baller.
  • Buy fresh chicken breasts in bulk then wrap individually before freezing in large freezer bags. You’ll be able to grab the exact amount of chicken breasts you need without having to pry them apart.
  • Keep a roll of painters tape handy in the kitchen, it’s great to seal bags and such, re-sticks over and over (even stays sticky in the freezer).
  • Line refrigerator metal racks with large washable placemats, they catch all the spills and wipe up easily.
  • Use a piece of bread with butter or oil to grease your casserole dishes easily.
  • Wrap fresh herbs in slightly damp paper towels then seal in an airtight plastic bag and store in the refrigerator, these will keep fresh for a long time!
  • Try cooking vegetables in chicken or beef broth instead of water, delicious!

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